About Kashi Transplant

Our Founder

Zahra-Kashi-FounderZahra Mehdizadeh Kashi, PhD, HCLD, is a board certified molecular immunohematologist with 23+ years of HLA experience. She completed her undergraduate studies in Medical Technology at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Ore. After earning her MT board certifications, she began her HLA career as a technologist in the HLA laboratory of the Pacific Northwest American Red Cross (PNWARC), becoming its manager after obtaining her Master's degree in Immunology from Portland State University (PSU). Dr. Kashi received her doctoral degree with specialization in molecular immunohematology from PSU in 2000. Shortly after graduation, she successfully obtained her AAB (HCLD) Board certification and was appointed as the HLA Laboratory Director of the PNWARC.

Recognizing unmet needs for transplant/transfusion-related services in the HLA community, Dr. Kashi established Kashi Clinical Laboratories to advance cellular therapy and provide better patient care before and after transplantation. Dr. Kashi currently serves as the laboratory Director for several clinical laboratories that support multiple transplant and cellular therapy programs nationally and internationally. Her passion for histocompatibility and her high standards are well reflected in the services provided by her laboratories.