HLA Testing Services

Private HLA Testing - For Donors and Patients

Kashi Clinical Laboratories provides private, affordable HLA testing through BoneMarrowTest.com, a service dedicated to helping patients with blood-related cancers and their care circle of physicians, family and friends to identify potential donors of bone marrow, stem cells, peripheral blood cells or umbilical cord blood.



Why Private HLA Testing?

  • You are unable to join the registry
  • You only want to donate to a specific patient
  • You need your results fast: 3-5 business days Standard or 24 hour STAT

BoneMarrowTest.com is designed for potential donors who might wish to help a specific patient but do not want to become part of a public registry. If you would like to be tested privately for a specific family member or friend, we can provide you or your healthcare provider with the necessary test kit and supplies. Most people can be tested privately regardless of age or medical background. Physicians and transplant centers ultimately decide whether a person is a suitable match.

BoneMarrowTest.com offers extensive patient-focused services to identify a suitable donor for potentially life-saving transplantation therapies, to help recruit donors at the community level, and to provide relevant information that enables all parties to make informed decisions.

Drive-based Testing

For patients wishing to generate public involvement for testing in support of their treatment needs, Kashi Clinical Laboratories can advise you on staging public-awareness events, recruiting volunteers, and generating greater support beyond friends and family. From local businesses to community service organizations and churches, we can show you ways to expand your sphere of influence. To learn more about volunteer development, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .