Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

  • What are your office hours?

    Kashi Clinical Laboratories is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm Pacific time.  Kashi's phone numbers are:

    Toll Free: 1-877-879-1815
    Laboratory: 503-206-4989
    Fax: 503-206-6939

    Or email KCL at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Shipping Information

  • What are KCL's basic sample shipping requirements?

    Diagnostic samples and infectious substances should be packaged to comply with requirements of the Department of Transportation, International Air Transport Association, and specific overnight carriers.

  • How should frozen samples be shipped?

    Frozen samples should be shipped on ice packs or dry ice. Use only plastic tubes cushioned to prevent breakage during shipment. Wrap samples in paper toweling to protect from damage. NOTE: dry ice itself is considered a shipping hazard and must be packaged in compliance with carriers and regulators.

  • What are the requirements for refrigerated samples?

    Ship refrigerated samples on ice packs.

  • What days can I ship samples?

    Avoid shipping on Fridays or immediately before a holiday for best sample viability.

    KCL is closed and cannot accept samples during the weekend and on national holidays.  To answer special testing circumstances, contact KCL at 1-877-879-1815.

  • Where should we send samples?

    Address samples to:

    Kashi Clinical Laboratories, Inc.
    Attention: Laboratory
    10101 SW Barbur Blvd, Suite 200
    Portland, OR 97219.

Results Information

  • What are CPT Codes?

    CPT codes reflect the testing performed on each sample and are intended as a guide for the internal billing procedures of the healthcare professional who requested the test. Kashi's CPT codes reflect our interpretation of the AMA CPT code handbook.

  • How will I receive final test results?

    Final test results and KCL's interpretation are sent via postal delivery, email, or on a secure web database dependent on client's preference.

  • Can KCL provide interim test results?

    In certain rare circumstances preliminary reports are available upon the client's request. Please contact KCL for additional information at 503-206-4989 or toll free at 1-877-879-1815.

Unnacceptable Samples

  • What does KCL consider an unacceptable specimen?

    Kashi Clinical Laboratories cannot accept unlabeled specimens even when accompanied by paperwork bearing the pertinent information.

  • Will KCL notify me if my specimen is rejected?

    You will be contacted by telephone; in addition KCL will issue a report stating our reason for rejecting any sample we consider unacceptable for testing.

  • Why are samples typically deemed unacceptable?

    Sample integrity can be compromised by faulty collection, storage, or transportation. Unacceptable samples are often a result of hemolysis, incorrect transport temperature, wrong sample type, and excessive age of the sample. KCL will notify you if a sample is unacceptable for testing and will generate a report documenting why the sample was rejected.

Requisition Information

  • Do I need a completed requisition for each patient sample?

    Yes.  Please include a completed requisition with each patient sample to

    Kashi Clinical Laboratories, Inc.
    10101 SW Barbur Blvd, Suite 200
    Portland, OR 97219

Sample Information

  • How long does KCL retain samples?

    Kashi Clinical Laboratories routinely retains samples for 2 weeks following testing.  Please call if more testing is needed to determine whether stored aliquots are available for additional testing.

  • What are KCL's sample requirements?

    Sample (Material) and Temperature Requirements:

    Isolated DNA: Should have a minimum concentration of 20ng/ul. Volume should be at least 100ul.  Ship at room temperature or on ice packs overnight.

    Isolated Buffy Coat: Should have a min. volume of 500ul.  Ship on ice packs overnight or on dry ice.

    Frozen Cells: 2 million cells min.  Ship on frozen ice packs overnight or on dry ice.

    Whole Blood or Aliquots: Volume should be at least 1ml.  Ship to maintain temperature at which sample has been previously stored.  If at room temperature, then ship at room temperature.  If refrigerated, then ship with cool packs.  If frozen, ship on ice packs overnight or on dry ice.

    Note: Please do NOT ship Glass tubes on dry ice.

    Cord Blood: Should have min. volume of 500ul.  Ship frozen on ice packs overnight or on dry ice.

    Buccal Swabs: Take four (4) swabs, 2 from each cheek.  Pack each swab separately to prevent cross-contamination.  Store at room temperature, ship at room temperature.